Your school years can be the best years of your life, so they say and never has this been more amplified at this year’s Year 13 leavers assembly. There was laughter, cheering and lots of tears; a great testimony to the incredible experience we provide at Aston Manor Sixth Form and Sports Academy.

Teachers had the last laugh though when Ms Kaur and Mr Preston shared via Power Point, photos of students when they first joined Aston Manor in Year 7! There were roars of laughter and gasps of disbelief when students saw photos of themselves and realised their incredible transition from Year 7 to young adults in Year 13.

Each member of the sixth form teaching team delivered a fond farewell speech but when our Head of Sixth Form Ms Kaur addressed her pupils, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Ms Kaur on a few occasions struggled to continue.

Staff echoed their colleagues praise for the 2023 year 13 group who even through pandemic remained committed to their studies but also supported one another when times were tough. “That experience whilst incredibly difficult at the time, has helped to shape you into the resilient, hardworking and young people I see before me today” said Ms Kaur

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Preston said “You are an exceptional group and in particular, I would like to mention those of you who have continued to train and compete in our football and basketball academy whilst studying A-levels or the Extended Diploma in Sport, this commitment and ability to follow your sporting passion and achieve outstanding grades, will help you through your studies at university whilst competing professionally”

The Assembly was followed by photos, and lots of great food to celebrate our 2023 year 13 leavers Assembly

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