Welcome to Equitas Academies Trust

Two successful academies in the heart of Birmingham, Chilwell Croft Academy and Aston Manor Academy with its Aston Manor Sixth Form.

At Equitas Academies Trust, we truly believe in our vision and mission of ‘All Different, All Equal, All Achieving.’ In practice, this means we celebrate and embrace the diversity and success of our children and young people, their families, our staff and our local communities. We want to help our children and young people to have limitless aspirations and to take advantage of all opportunities presented to them.

We aim to ensure we give all our children and young people the opportunity to develop their talents, skills and voices, and become confident young people, fully ready for their next steps in education, training or employment. Our staff are instrumental in supporting this journey and we are committed to supporting our staff and leaders in all roles across the trust to develop the skills and experience to do this successfully.

Mission & Vision

All Different, All Equal, All Achieving


  • Our students are at the centre of the Equitas family
  • We celebrate the diversity of the Equitas family
  • We are focused on raising aspirations and achievement
  • We support our families to support our students
  • We support staff to become outstanding practitioners and leaders
  • We value the skills and development of our staff body

Strengths of Schools

  • Commitment of our trustees and staff to ‘All Different, All Equal, All Achieving.’
  • Behaviour of pupils and focus on learning
  • Holistic development of students
  • Culture of high expectations
  • Curriculum which is designed to benefit our student cohorts
  • Effective use of pupil premium to support student achievement

Alex Lofthouse

CEO Equitas Academies Trust

0791 762 8828
0121 359 8108 (Ext 1309)


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